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Baby Wipe Technique

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share with you a fun technique I call the baby wipe technique. If you aren't familiar with it it's where you use a baby wipe as you stamp pad. What??? Yup all you do is take a non porous surface....I like to use one of our a silicone craft mats but you could use a small plate or something like that. Then I take out a single baby wipe....Mine are pretty thick ones so I just use one, but if yours aren't you could double them up. I then just take a few ink refill bottles in the colors I want to use and drop a few drops of each. Here I used Granny Apple Green, Cherry Cobbler and Crushed Curry.

Then I just start stamping...Now the more you use it the more spread out and mixed together your colors get but you can get a few card bases stamped with one set up like this before the inks start to get too muddled. Here to show you I just did a couple of different ones.


If you look in the pictures you can see how the ink spreads and muddles together on the baby wipe, that's okay like I said you can use it for a while before it's done for good. I love the way it gives you the variegated look, all those pretty fall colors blending together. Here's a closer look at one of the backgrounds.

Pretty cool right? AND it's a fun use for all those ink refills we have. Now....start thinking about snowflakes! A couple different blue mixes and stamp some snowflake backgrounds. OOOOHHHHH it's so pretty then hit it with some of the fun shimmer paint spray when you are finished. I'll leave the spray recipe below as well.

So here's a fun idea for those fall cards that you need to make. Hope this has sparked some fun ideas for you! If you try it out please share your results on my facebook page here! I'd love to see it.

So did yo get to take advantage of Stampin' Up!'s Birthday Sale??? I did even though I told myself I didn't need anymore hahahah yeah right? BUT oddly enough I didn't have but 2 of the sets out of the 30 so I had to splurge and get some more. Don't Judge LOL I got them so I could share fantastic Birthday card ideas for you....yes that's it....I do it all for YOU! (snicker)

So those are supposed to be here this week, and the rule is....no stamp stays in my house for more than 24 hours without seeing ink. It's a personal oath to myself, if I buy it....it has to see ink. So before the next order of Snowflakes and such show up here (that I also may have splurged and ordered the other night), I need to do a week or so of Birthday Card Ideas! So be looking for that!

Thank You so much for stopping in and sharing a moment of your day with me. I hope I have managed to spark some creativity in you. Even if it's just a little bit. I did do a video last year of this technique and I'll have it linked in a related post below so if you have time take a look at it...The stamps are different but it's the same thing.


Stampn Shimmer Spritz Recipe:

Stampin Spritzer

Frost White Shimmer Paint

Rubbing Alcohol ( I used 70%)

drip a couple drops...really two is way more than enough into the the Spritz bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol.

Shake really well and spritz about 8-12 inches from your project. It only takes a few moments to dry because of the alcohol in it. You will love this... You can add shimmer to any project and you can even just make your own shimmer paper and cardstock. Just spritz it on your blank card stock before stamping on. Trust me it's super cool, and so pretty.

Just remember to shake it up each time before use. I keep this stored right on my stamp table because I use it so much!

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