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One of "Those" days

Have you ever had one of those days where things just don't go the way you planned. One small move and everything just takes a wrong turn?

Well in my efforts to clean and organize my Stamp Room I had a bit of a mishap and well let's just take a look shall we?

This is what my stamp area in my room looks like. Yes if you follow me for any length of time will will figure out that I change it up a lot. But this is the set up I'm trying out. I was thinking it might be cool to stand and stamp instead of sit for a while. Well last night I was working on another area to the right of this and I had a clamp lamp sort of, well strung across, the work area. So image a lamp clamped on to the black ribbon holder with a cord strung off to the right and outta site. Then I come in and I'm reaching for something beyond the cord and well then a bunch of loud noises happened and things were flying and all I could do was stand there frozen where I was. Yes.....then this is what I turned around to once everything stopped crashing and bouncing about...

UGH! First instinct was.....I'm just going to walk of out the room and close the door. Hahahaha but then I knew I must face the stupidity of my actions and begin to clean up the mess. Well I broke the black shelf a bit and needed to wait for my back up, AKA Terry, to come home from work and fix it for me before I could finish up my new project venture! LOL

Needless to say i have not gotten a chance to make a card yet today because I finally got my shelf fixed and just finished putting it all back together. Whew...

The goal is to get one done sometime today. I still need to finish cleaning up the area I was working on before all this happened. I just wanted to take a moment and share though how it's not always pretty ribbon and cardstock here in the Stamp Room.....Hahahaha I manage to often have set backs like this. UGH! kind of a Murphy's Law thing.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my little tale of adventure. I promise I'll get a card up in a little while. Hope you day is going better than mine!


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