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What I have been up to...

So I have mentioned a few times that I'm working on other projects and not really stamping stuff. What??? I KNOW RIGHT? I sort of ran into a creative wall with my stamping and have done the bare minimum lately. No mojo....to be found. I sit here and look at all this fun stuff and then I just can't decide what to make. So I put it all aside for a bit and pulled out some quilting projects. That led to some more quilting projects and now I'm four deep and need to get some hand quilting going.

One of these projects is for my Granddaughter's Birthday. She's turning 11 on Saturday so I was in a last minute crunch to get this done. Here it is...

They call them Bubble Quilts, or Biscuit Quilts. I had never done one before and thought it would be a fun and fairly easy project. Hahahaha they say it's a beginner level. Hahaha yeah about that. It was easy enough making the pillows but it got crazy when it came to sewing them together. I may have filled my bubbles a little too full as well. I love it though and I'm pretty certain she is going to enjoy it as well. Now to get is mailed out this week when I find a box big enough.

Before that I made a couple different sized scrap quilts. The first was a table top quilt but I didn't snap a picture of it because it's still on the hoop getting hand quilted. The next one which was created just so I could get the material out of the drawer so every time I opened it, the drawer, it wasn't screaming at me to make it. Hahahaha

This is just a couch sitting size. nothing too big. I will put this one on the Hoop next. Who knows when it will get done but at least it's at the ready. The last one I plan on sharing with you today is one I did with a bunch of Fat Quarters I had and at the last minute I decided to try out a pattern. One I had never done before and also one that needed a definite light and dark scheme. My fat quarters didn't really fit that description but eh it was sort of a practice thing anyway so I just rolled with it. I would also like to mention that it's been YEARS since I have put quilts together, and even at that I never really did anything that was very complex. You'll notice these don't have any triangles or hexagons or things like that! Just basic quilting. So here's this one...

It's pretty cute and I originally thought this one would be fun for Ashlyn but she's more of a purple kind of girl so this one will probably just end up in my stamp room on my little cozy chair. Unless I can find a different purpose for it. I really want to send it to my sister and have her long arm machine quilt it for me but I'm not sure how well she would receive it or whether I would get it back when finished hahahahahaha. I might gamble and try my luck with her anyway! We shall see.

So that has been what I've been doing instead of stamping to get me over my stampers block. I think I end up doing so much that I just get bored with it or something and then just need to take a break. Oh Hey BTW I have managed to empty that drawer I was talking about. Well for a few days at least. Hahaha Until my fabric orders I've made start to arrive next week. (I know I'm bad right)? They are easier to sneak in the house though than stamp orders Just saying.....!

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