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Stamp Room Makeover...

I have been working the last two weeks on getting my room renovated. It used be a mess of hodge podged pieces with old white cubes and unfinished wood and cream colored paper fixtures with huge buffet style tables that took up a bunch of room It was mostly functional but wasn't a very Happy looking place. So while I was sick and unable to do much of anything I decided to make a plan to renovate the room. I wanted tables that matched that didn't take up so much room. So I ordered three 39 in tables from IKEA. I took all the white cubes and drawer units and give them a face lift by spray painting them.

I got a couple 9 cube units and put them together to give me some hide away storage.

I picked up a Raskog Cart as well from IKEA to put my manual die cutter on and all the things that go with it. Now I can roll it out of the way if need be but can also have it by my side but not on my stamp table where it jiggles everything around when I crank on it. LOL

I was most excited about the paper racks and how well they took the paint. I was thinking it was going to be a pain to get them done but it was seriously about a 15 min job for all three. SCORE!

We got so lucky because on the day we decided to plan to paint it was a beautiful South Texas sunny day. No wind and just nice. We were able to drag everything out paint it and let it sit for the day.....It really couldn't have been more perfect. The next day was damp and foggy so if we would have waited we would have been still waiting.

Now there are several little things I still need to do, but the majority of it is done, and I can get back to stamping and posting.

Hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my space. Thanks so much for stopping in. Happy Stamping......Carol

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