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Brusho & Beautiful Day

Now I know some of you may have already seen this and I hadn't originally planned to do a blog post on this particular card but.....I caught a nasty bug that I will totally blame on my honey and I have been pretty well couch surfing for three days now. It's been pretty bad, BUT I didn't want you to think I forgot about you so I have decided to post this card after all.

So I was all excited when my order arrived to play with these new Brusho powders. They come in a little bottle type container and before they got here I was humble enough to search out videos on what this product is and how people were using it. Let me tell you I'm soooo Glad that I did. You don't just tear into these things. You treat them with kindness. Let me explain.

So this product if you aren't familiar with it is a fine fine powder of colors. What I learned by watching the videos is that you don't open the bottle....Don't do it. LOL All you do is poke a hole I used a push pin and just poked one hole. You then can shake it out or tap the bottom of it while holding it upside down much like a salt shaker.

So I had all my goodies out and definitely use a grid paper to protect your surface. You know what comes to mind....you know how when you open a Kool-aid packet it sort of poofs with colored powder...this stuff is like that so if you get shaker crazy just know you will have powder that is extremely pigmented and when it gets wet it activates so that powder becomes air born and then you spritz water on it and Voila water color ink substance everywhere. So be mindful is all I'm saying and protect your work space.

With a piece of watercolor paper I stamped and embossed my image with versamark ink and copper embossing powder. I then made a mask of the same image and cut it out of window sheet material...Why? Because you only have to make one ever and you can just wipe it off and reuse again and again. Smart right? I learned that in one of the videos I watched. So I cut my mask and the placed it over my image. That's why the image above looks so shiny. I then used the Brilliant Red powder and sprinkled some from right to left just a little it goes a long way. I then did the same with the Yellow powder. Next I took a spritzer of water and spritzed it about 4-5 times. Just to get the powder to start activating. I then let it dry for a couple minutes. When I removed the mask I had an outline of a butterfly with some plashes of color around it.

Next I added water with an aqua painter to just a few separate sections of the butterfly. Now you want to get this really wet almost like a good puddle in there, then I sprinkled some Prussian Blue in those areas as best I could. Now in this pic you can see that I got some in other sections but it was okay because once the blue areas dried I just tapped off the other areas good enough. You can gently dab the wet areas with a paper towel to soak up the water and speed the process. Just be sure not to dab about because it will spread to the other areas.

I then did the same process again.....I used the aqua painter with water and got the remaining areas done and then sprinkled some Moss Green powder on it. Let it sit a couple minutes dabbed it and done. Once it was completely dried I made it into the card above.

Now there are other ways to play with this I have just been to sick to be able to. So once I get back on the mend I'll be sure to do a video on it as well.

Sorry this post is so long normally I would have done a video....BUT......I haven't a voice to use for videos LOL

So check out this product. It's new to our Stampin' Up! line but not new to multimedia users. Its available in the New Occasions Catalog on page 26 and as you can see the Beautiful Day stamp set goes really well with this technique. It also works beautifully as back grounds. THANK YOU for hanging in with me today. I hope to be back at stamping soon...but for now I'm headed back to bed. LOL

Have a great day......HAPPY STAMPING....CAROL

Remeber you can view the online versions of the catalogs on my catalog tab above.

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